According to science, how often do you really need to shower

Sometimes, you may feel that transforming a bathroom into a spa is exactly what you need to eliminate all the stress. On other days, you hardly have a minute to rinse off quickly, and then choose not to take a shower for a while. In fact, not taking a shower every day may be better for your skin, because over-rinsing can cause dryness. Of course, your showering habits depend entirely on your lifestyle and schedule, but you may need to consider some important factors.

We at Foodanc understand that no one applies to all situations as to how often you should shower. We have done some research to find out the factors that may affect your bathing habits. And don’t forget to check the bonus we prepared for you at the end of the article.

1. Define your skin type.

According to science, how often do you really need to shower
If you have oily skin, lathering seems to be the perfect way to make it look more matte, but in fact, the reverse is also true. The harmful chemicals in the soap can dry out your skin, causing your oil glands to produce more sebum, and your face will eventually look oilier. If your skin is sensitive and dry, or you have skin diseases such as psoriasis, showering more than once a day can cause inflammation and make your skin itchier. Some dermatologists even recommend showering 2 to 3 times a week to avoid skin irritation.

2. Take a closer look at your hair.

The first thing to do in the morning is to take a shower and then wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. This will make you feel clean and help you style your hair easily. But washing your hair every day may make your hair look unsightly, especially if your hair is curly or textured. If you are a girl with curly hair, washing your hair once a week is sufficient because your hair needs sebum to keep it hydrated.

Only those with fine hair need to wash their hair every day because straight and thin hair is easily covered with sebum and looks greasy faster.

3. Think about your exercise plan.

If you go to the gym often, you may want to take a shower more often. Taking a shower immediately after exercise can help your muscles recover more easily, prevent body acne, and even strengthen your immune system. This is also true for people who work outdoors or are exposed to strong chemicals at work, and they will obviously benefit from showering every day.

4. Adjust your shower habits according to the season.

According to science, how often do you really need to shower
When it is hot outside, you will naturally feel the need to wash and sweat twice a day or even twice a day. Colder temperatures mean you sweat less, so you may need to shower less frequently. In winter, your skin may feel particularly dry and sensitive, and showering every day may irritate the skin and cause drier skin.

Bonus: how to make your shower skin-friendly.

In addition to how often you bathe, the way you bathe can also affect your skin and your overall health.

Turn down the heat. Too hot water will make your skin lose the essential oils that look naturally radiant.
Choose fragrance-free cleaners. The scent makes the soap smell very good, but these chemicals may be harmful to the skin.

Keep it short. The dermatologist recommends limiting your shower time to less than 10 minutes.
Skip the soap. You don’t necessarily need to foam every time you take a bath. The only areas that need to be washed with soap are the face, private parts, and armpits.
How often do you take a shower? Do you agree that we don’t really need to take a bath every day?

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